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The Best Dogs to Have Featured in Movies

Many people own more than one dog. Dogs can be called the best friend of man. They have been living with a man for quite a long time. There has been a lot of things that have been accomplished by both man and dog in cooperation. They have a good understanding. The dogs are also used to act movies. Different types of dogs have been used to produce movies together with a man. This article talks about some of the dogs that have been used in movies.

The first dog that featured in the movies was Lassie the Laddie. The story began in the form of a short story. The character of the dog was made to be immortal when it reached the year 1954. As many as six male dogs were used to act this movie. The series was watched for around twenty years. Around five hundred or more episodes came from the movie. It also led to seven long movies. The first to be used in this movie was Pal. Lassie Junior took over from the father Pal after his retirement. The Pal house continued in the production of the movie with the sons of Lassie Junior replacing one another.

The second dog to feature in a movie with a man was the wonder dog in Rin Tin Tin. As opposed to the Lassie Laddie this was a real dog. The dog took part in the first world war. He got training from an American soldier who rescued him from the battlefield. He featured in around twenty-seven movies. A replacement was to be found after the death. He tried to replace him with others who were closely related to him. However among the many animals that were related to him no be could replace hi perfectly.

There was also the use of dogs in the Strongheart original show. This dog also served in the world war but this time in the Second World War. After the end of the war, the owner of the dog could no longer take care of the dog. He then sent him to a friend who owned a breeding kennel in America. He was praised for his strong stature and physical qualities. Such qualities were seen as so beneficial by another actor who was fascinated by the qualities that were possessed by this dog. A friend of the actor purchased the dog and made to appear on the big screen.

The dogs have performed well in o vies that they have been made to star in by the human actors.

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